About Baytrade Inc.

Based in Kobe that has one of the biggest international ports in Japan, Baytrade Inc. has delivered over 2,500 Japanese Food and Non-Food items mainly to wholesalers in North America. Through our strong network with local suppliers and wholesalers, we have not only exported business-use-size (for restaurants and hotels) and retail-size products but also helped our overseas customers to create their OEM products which enable them to minimize their cost and guarantee product quality.
Our product coverage is
Cooking Sauce, Seasoning Powder, Seasoning for Soup Stock, Seaweed,
Sesame Seeds, Soybean Paste, Soy Sauce, Mayonnaise, Tofu, Rice, Soft Drink, Alcohol, Spice, Flour, Dried Japanese Noodles, Dry Foods, Snacks, Vegetable Products (Boiled, Cooked, Prepared, Pickled),
Frozen Products (for Sushi & Sashimi), and Supply (Kitchen Ware, Table Ware, Takeout Box, etc).
Our customers are located in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii, and Vancouver, Canada who has local chains in restaurants and retails. Since the year 2009, we started intermediate trade with Southeast Asia and North America and has successfully delivered Frozen Fish products where quality is guaranteed with HACCP Certification. In addition, the liquor license was issued in 2010 which allows us to export Japanese Sake to overseas.
Through our strong network and tremendous buying power, we will continue to offer the best possible prices and high quality products in a timely manner.


Company Name Baytrade Inc.
Owner (Mr.)Koji Omi
Establishied 2003
Services Exporting restaurant kitchen supplies, snacks, drinks,
dried/chilled/frozen food to wholesalers in Vancouver Canada, Los
Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Hawaii U.S.A.
“Liquor license was issued in April 2010”
E-mail info@baytradeinc.com
Telephone +81-78-265-1720
FAX +81-78-265-1721